SMS Branding service

  • SMS BRANDING is marketing and advertising services via phone, sending mass message to potential customers of the Business Organizations.
  • Customers are Enterprises, Organizations can access to a rich database, regularly updated by customers of industries: Electricity, Water, Banking, Insurance, Super market, etc. At the same time, customers are provided with utility to deploy the advertising strategy, customers care.

Mobile Applications Portal & Payment solutions

  • Mobile application portal provides customer with product applications for mobile devices such as: Games, Utility, and Electronic books. Mobile application portal also enables manufactures, software developers to introduce their products to customers.
  • Indochina Telecom commits to provide customers and developers an application port and mobile payment which are rich in contents, assurance in copyright and quality.
  • Home Entertainment Services Cloud-TV® Television Service
  • Interactive television services using the most advanced technology on the internet platform.
  • Cloud-TV® meets demand of users around the world through all the terminal facilities as: IPTV Set-top Box, Smart TV, Smart phone, PC, Laptop & Tablet PC.
  • Cloud-TV® provides copious amount of qualified contents for 100 domestic and international TV channels, dozens of HD and 3D TV, movies and music on request.

Cloud-X ® Online Game Service

  • Online game service platform is based on the cloud. Accordingly, customers will enjoy the game in the world famous Games on personal devices: PC, Laptop, and PDA, Smart phone ... via Internet broadband connection without investment to buy devices playing Game and Game as well.
  • Cloud-X ® allows customers to enjoy the Games not only alone but also can play it online with other players who are using the same service. The Game titles are continuously updated so customer can feel attractiveness and interesting.
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