Vision & Mission


Based on principle “perfect quality of services to every customer, treating People as core value for our development”, we are ceaselessly taking great effort to become a SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE in telecommunication by creativeness in technical science and Technology; effectively deployment of telecommunication infrastructure; service integration of telecommunication and communication with high value added contents and high interaction. Therefore, we strongly believe that we will bring the satisfactory to our current as well as our potential customers

Indochina Telecom strive to be a pioneer in providing customers with distinguished add values through a commitment to high quality products and exceptional customer services.


žAs one of Telecommunication Enterprise which has been come into being in accordance with government’s guidelines in order to realize development strategy of Vietnam Posts and telecommunications until 2010 and orientation to 2020 “ Bring into play all the country’s resources to facilitate for every kind of economic sectors participating in development of Posts and Telecommunications…. in a fair and transparent environment…..”


Indochina Telecom

  • Build up the image and confidence in the customers’ minds by bringing the value for them from Indochina Telecom’s products and services.
  • Gradually attract the creative and dynamic human resource; constantly bring motivation to employees and improving the material and spiritual condition comply with the corporate culture.
  • Ensure the investors and shareholders’ benefits by the effective business strategy
  • Bringing the public benefits through Government Programs are always the important purpose of Indochina Telecom to affirm the value, image and separately direction, accompanies the country development.

Indochina Telecom commits

Add values of Telecommunications networkIntegrate services and increase use value for customersCooperate with other enterprises, domestic and international partners for the common development of Vietnam Telecommunications Industry